Why my neon doesn't light up?

Why my neon doesn't light up?

To know what happened to your beautiful neon sign let’s step in the following guide:

🔌 Step 1 - Power Supply Check-up

Check if the Power Supply is working. A green light should be on (you can try the Power Supply on various wall plugs).

❌ If the Power Supply does not work:

Send us a picture of the Power Supply (Cables, load block, and wall plug) at hello@yellowpop.com.


✅ If the Power Supply works


🎚️ Step 2 - Touch Dimmer Check-up

Remove the dimmer between the sign and the power supply (check here if you have a doubt).

If the neon sign lights that means that the dimmer is defective.


❌ Defective dimmer:

Send us a picture of the dimmer and the cable at hello@yellowpop.com. We’ll send you a brand new one.

✅ If the dimmer is working:

Send us a video of your setup (front and back of the neon, Power Supply connected (power block and cable), dimmer at hello@yellowpop.com as it will help us to find a solution for you.


📱Step 3 - Remote Dimmer Check-up

Verify if the remote lights up. You should have a red light at top of the remote (please try with a different battery also).

Remote Dimmer 3-1

✅ The remote control lights up, great now, let’s check if it is in sync with the dimmer block.

Verify if you can connect the remote with the dimmer.

Here is an article that explains everything: https://support.yellowpop.com/l/en/article/llmjrv6io6-issue-connecting-your-remote-with-your-yellowpop-dimmer

❌ The remote control does not light up

Send us a video at hello@yellowpop.com. It will help us to find the best solution for you.