Is Anything Possible To Create?

Here at Yellowpop, the sky’s the limit on what can be done for your custom piece! We’re excited to help you bring your dream to reality, but due to the material we use, there are some restrictions...

Can we create a dot?

A LED neon tube do not permit us to create a dot.

If you want a dot we will either create a small line like on those beautiful signs:


Or a small circle:


Any Size?

Definitely! But depending on the complexity of the design, there are limitations on how small we can create a neon sign. If you really need a smaller size, we would recommend simplifying the design or print some details on the backing instead.

If the sign is above 110 cm wide, we will split the neon into at least two pieces. We do this to ensure that your project is safe during delivery. Rest assured that when mounting the sign, the separation will be barely visible!

Here some examples of signs made in 2 or 3 parts: