Can I Use My Sign Outdoor ? 🌧

Collection or Collaboration Neons:

Sadly our Collection or Collaboration neons are not outdoor compatible.

Customized Neons:

Yes, we can make your custom neon outdoor compatible! The sign will be made slightly differently so it is safe to use outdoors and you will be supplied with a special power supply. Note that we sadly don't provide a dimmer for outdoor signs as outdoor dimmers do not exist, and that remote dimmers do not work with outdoor signs.

We recommend that you use it in a place that is protected as much as possible from bad weather (strong wind, constant rains...) or vandalism.

All our signs have a working temperature from -40 to 60 degrees Celsius. Outdoor signs should not be mounted on a metal structure to avoid exceeding maximum temperature.

Please email and let us know when making the inquiry if you need an outdoor sign so we can add this option!