Colored and Printed Boards

Here you can find various options to enhance your new neon!

There is no limit to your imagination, so we want to help push it as far as we can! 🦄

​You can combine our LED neon tubing with customized acrylic board. By printing some parts of your design on the acrylic with UV Printing, you can keep the cost down of your project without sacrificing any of the details!

3M tapes on UV printed support

In terms of displaying, we don't recommend using the 3M Strips with UV Printed acrylic backing. The strip can peel off the colour or print on the acrylic if you try to remove it after installation, thus damaging your beautiful neon. We recommend placing the 3M Strips in areas that are clear and not coloured to avoid this from happening.

Here are a few examples of colored acrylic board done in UV Print:

A custom Pantone color printed on the board along with white tube and the girly pink tube :


Upgrade and personalize your favorite pictures to create your own piece of art:

We can print the picture of your choice and add LED tubes to create a brand-new piece.


And a small print on the sign can give it a whole new dimension...


Print some details of your logo to keep a reasonable size and cost:


Highlight your custom sign with a colored backing:

Cut to shape backing with black board: 

Cut to shape backing with red backing

Have fun and get creative! 👩‍🎤